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Modern Office Tower - with Julio - Featured

Hi there! We meet again with another new portfolio post. This one is come from CoWork Town for their headquarter tower building. At this time, I asked to make their custom office tower start from the first level. I’ve engaged with some project together with them before, but making their headquarter office tower is such an honor for me.

For this tower, the main theme is modern with some touch of ‘dystopian’ there. So we put some neon light here and there. It’s not that futuristic like having an office on the outer space. It’s an acculturation of an office and modern dystopian lighty things. When they shared the floorplan, all things I can said just “this is cool and amazing!”

They want to make a space that can be used for 1-on-1 discussion, working area, library & presentation, and meeting area. They want to make it square, but not too pointy. So I placed some curvy wall in some are to make it not that pointy. Also they already have their color guideline, so everything on this space follows the guideline.

After a couple days, I finish the map and we are happy with the result. With couple of discussion and recommendation, we close the project with a happy face between us. This is just the first level of the tower, and the next level will be updated gradually. Here I am, introducing the Modern Office Tower space to you. For more of my Gather Town Event Portfolio, you can click on Portfolio button on Menu bar.

Main Usage : Big Office Space
Areas : One big space divided into 5 big areas : Working Area, Social Area, Bar Area, Meeting Area, and Library & Presentation Area.
Space Wide : 60×66 Tiles for overall space.
Map Style : Modern furniture with dystopian neon light ambience.
Space Capacity : It can be use for around 50 – 75 participants at the same time.



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