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Isometric Demo - Featured Image - with Julio

Hi there! Here we are in a new portfolio post. Lately, I’ve been doing some experiment with one of my client. I never did any isometric perspective space at all during my professional career as a virtual space designer. But now, I decide to do some challenge, to spice up life a little bit — LOL!

Doing isometric perspective for a virtual space is a lot harder than what I used to do — a top-down perspective. Since doing an isometric one is more like doing 30-50% more effort. For top-down, we only did a 2 sides design, but for isometric, we did a 3 sides design, with a certain angle. But here we are, in a new portfolio! We did it! At the end of the project, the client was happy with the result. Indeed it’s a lot of effort, but it’s worth it! And I think I start to love making an isometric one 😀

Please check the demo space by clicking the button at the end of this article. For more of my Gather Town Event Portfolio, you can click on Portfolio button on Menu bar.

FYI, this perspective can also be applied into Gather Town if you’re curious. The biggest problem is just adjusting the impassable tiles, since Zep and Gather Town have an impassable tiles that in top-down grid, not in isometric one. I’m no longer on Fiverr, so if you are interested to make something like this, you can contact me on the contact button below 🙂

Main Usage : Event Space
Areas : Two big outdoor – indoor area. A corridor above the clouds for the Tutorial and Intro Area. A big “penthouse” for the Main Area.
Space Wide : 110×80 Tiles for Tutorial Area, and 250×125 Tiles for Main Area. For future project, I’m not recommending a space this big, we can divide it into many smaller spaces instead.
Map Style : Isometric, castle-like with some modern decoration. Masking added to give some sunset effect.
Space Capacity : It can be use for around 150-250 participants at the same time, or maybe even more!



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