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Basic Simple Map - with Julio - Featured

Hi there! We meet again with another new portfolio post. Here I got some quick and short project to make a basic custom Gather Town Map Design before Christmas. It’s not a Christmas-theme related, it’s just a simple basic one. My client saw one of my previous demo space and they thought it will be nice if they make one for their company. They don’t have any specific requirement or any specific layouting. The basic one that consist certain rooms is more than enough. So I said let’s go, it will be quick and cheap because it will be a basic one without anything complicated in there.

In case you want to make something like this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The basic simple custom Gather Town map design will be around $180 – 230 based on how big it will be and how many rooms it will be. You can customize the layout, where each room will be, and the basic color of the building. This custom map is suitable for anyone who need an office space in Gather Town, but having the default one isn’t enough for your needs.

You can ask any room from a meeting room, coworking room, dedicated manager room, relaxing/fun area, event hall, and many more. If you need a something like this, you can order it now and expect it to be done before next week. You can see the demo space on the button below. For more of my Gather Town Event Portfolio, you can click on Portfolio button on Menu bar.

Main Usage : Simple Basic Office Space
Areas : One big space divided into 6 big areas : Receptionist, Main Hall Area, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen/Bar Area, Outer Area, and Fun Area.
Space Wide : 71×66 Tiles for overall space.
Map Style : Basic Office style with beige and brown as the main color.
Space Capacity : It can be use for around 15 – 25 participants at the same time.



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