FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Basically, I specialized myself for a pixel art style custom map design for Gather Town and Zep.us.
But if you want the output to be .json or event .tmx, it’s fine and possible.

Most of my portfolio can be accessed on my Portfolio Page here. Most of it have the demo space linked so you can check the demo space in real time with your team or colleague.

For the color style, basically it’s anything you want. You can provide me the color palette as well. For the theme, you can choose any theme from the basic office, beach building, forest, desert, or event outer space.

The cost/pricing for each space will be varies based on the size and the complexity of the space. The basic office one start from USD$ 180 with around 6-8 rooms with custom layout. You can always contact me here to explain your needs and I will give you the estimation as soon as possible.

Again, it’s based on the complexity of the project. The basic one will need maximum 7 days. My most complex project will need around 30-45 days.

I receive PayPal for my main payment gateway. If you don’t have any PayPal account, don’t worries since I can issue an invoice and you can pay it using your local bank.

For my services, you will have around 1 – 2 times of major revision (changing overall layout) and unlimited minor revision (changing color, moving object, removing object, and other small things). The revision process will be after I deliver the first draft. Most of the times the revision process will be under the project timeline, but in case I need more time, i will always inform it beforehand.

Absolutely! You can place logo, naming, or event information about your website or your product there.

If you have anything like something to be embedded into the space, you can simply upload it into a Google Drive folder and share it with me as an editor. I will help you to do the rest. The demo for a space that having so many poster can be viewed here for an example (See the map on the Main Hall and go to Poster Room).

I prepared a simple document to get to know about the basic needs. You can download the file here. It’s fillable, so just save and send it back to me.

No. It’s purely for the custom map design service. If you need a capacity upgrade, you can do a reservation to Gather/Zep directly, it’s simple, but I can help you with the process if needed.

Yes, absolutely! After the first project done, we can do the next project for expanding the first one when your business getting bigger and you have more employees. 

I can help to support any problem related to the design and object interactivity. For the space stability or anything back-end, it’s basically out of my league so you need to go to the Gather/Zep internal team for that.

Feel free to contact me here. Via email or even WhatsApp. I’ll be glad to help even if it’s just a question about Gather/Zep or question about one of my article. I’m happy to help.

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