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Hi there! We meet again with another new portfolio post. This one is came from Givaudan International for their international marketing event. Actually this is not the first time for me working with representative from Givaudan, I got some referral from one of the previous colleague from another division. This year they want to make other Virtual Marketing Festival using Gather Town as the platform. They were satisfied with the last space that I made last year, so they want to make again with a different theme.

In this year, the theme will be outer space. They want to make a space that can be used for panel discussion, big speaker session, poster presentation, and fun area. They already have the floorplan, and all the brief about what each area will be used for, and how many participant will be on each area. This is what I love from Givaudan, they always well prepared, and crystal clear with the briefing. This made it easier for me to design the virtual space since I already got all the information needed.

Because I already got all the details, I was directly start with the space draft. It’s not my first time making an outer space theme space, so it’s not that hard to produce the first draft. After a couple days, I finish the map and they are happy with the result. With couple of discussion and recommendation, we close the project with a happy face between us. Here I am, introducing Marketing Festival space to you. For more of my Gather Town Event Portfolio, you can click on Portfolio button on Menu bar.

Main Usage : Big Event Space
Areas : Many rooms divided into 6 big areas : Main Hall Area, Session Panel Area, Social Area, Main Stage Area, 2 Poster Areas, and Fun Area. All rooms connected with a big corridor.
Space Wide : 159×120 Tiles for overall space.
Map Style : Outer Space themed style virtual space.
Space Capacity : It can be use for around 150 – 200 participants at the same time.



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