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Juneteenth Gather Town Virtual Space

Hi there! We meet again with another new gather town portfolio post. This one is come from an organization to make a gather town virtual space for their Juneteenth celebration. They come to my Fiverr and ask me whether I can make a space for their event. This space will have so many activities happened and many interaction on the whole space. For the theme they want to make it like on the outer earth like what I did on my past experience with Givaudan Marketing Event.

Actually, they don’t have any layout yet when they called me, so I need to figure out about the layouting by myself. But since I have so many portfolio, I could share it to them to show which one they prefer so I could know their expectation. Overall, it’s been a nice experience working with them, especially with Bowman. She’s so cooperative and easy to work with to make sure their Juneteenth celebration come smoothly.

There are several rooms on this space ; Lobby, Dancing Floor, Puzzle Room, Exhibition Room, Kitchen & BBQ Room, and Movie Room. The hardest things to do here is to make sure all interactive objects works as its supposed to be, since there are around 25+ interactive objects around the space.

As I said, it’s been a really nice experience to work with them. They are communicative, and easy to work with. Even if there are some mistake, they will tell me clearly so it’s not a big deal. Because they are nice, I gave a free custom go-kart as a bonus for them. So here I am, introducing the Juneteenth Gather Town Demo Space to you. For more of my Gather Town Event Portfolio, you can click on Portfolio button on Menu bar.

Main Usage : Big Event Space
Areas : One big map divided into 7 areas : Lobby, Dancing Floor, Puzzle Room, Exhibition Room, Kitchen & BBQ Room, and Movie Room.
Space Wide : 93×95 Tiles for overall space.
Map Style : Outer space themed with space related stuff.
Space Capacity : It can be use for around 75-100 participants at the same time.



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