Incredible Gather Town Space Creation Services Experience with Liquid Screen Design Team

Lately I have been contacted by one business from Minneapolis (USA), Liquid Screen Design, to make a Gather Town Space for their virtual office space via Freelancing Platform, Fiverr. Its a nice experience for me because it was my first order via this platform for Gather Town Space Creation Services, and I am so excited about it.

Firstly, Bryan — one of the owner that contacted me — didn’t have any drawing concept for his office, but he already have some reference. After I ask about what kind of room do you need and how many person each room will it be, it become clearer for me to design the concept. He ask me to make an open concept desk working space, 4 meeting room, art department office, owner office, casual hangout seat outdoor, patio for lunch area and gaming area, receptionist & exhibition area, and also some go-kart space for leisure. After I found out about what he needed, I try to make some basic concept to be delivered soon. So I make a concept like the picture below,

Design concept by with Julio

This was the first concept for the Gather Town Space Creation Services I made, and after a couple discussion and some change, we made a deal! After he clear with the order, I start to make the Gather Town space. It takes me about 2-3 workdays to clear the overall space.

What do I do?

The first thing I did was make the background image for the walls, floor, and hanging object. Then I upload it into the Gather Town platform. Its not done yet, I need to place some editable object there. Also the tiles effect like private space, portal, and impassable area. After that I need to upload any document or link that need to be embedded into some object. After it clear, I need to be testing every area so it can be seamless. I want it also giving the best experience for the user while doing activity on the space. After all done, the space be like this,

What you can do in this space?

Basically, the limitation of Gather Town is just your creativity and imagination. We can do so much thing in Gather Town, we only need to think about how to do that. For this case of LSD Virtual Office, when its the first time we come to this space, we will go straight to the receptionist. In the receptionist, the space admin will welcome you and help you with the basic thing about the space.

Going above, you will go to exhibition area, here you will see many product that they have directly from Gather. There will be a product that only have an image. There will be some product that linked into their business site. With this feature, you can see the price, specification, and many things about the product directly from Gather Town.

Going further above, you will go to their office, here all the team activity happen. On the right side, you will see 3 large meeting room. If you go to the middle side, you will see the open table working space for each person to do their things individually. Boring with the work, just go to the cafetaria on the upper side. Here you can have some discussion with other person while drinking some coffee. On the left side, you will see Art Dept. room, owner office, and 1 small meeting room.

Lunch time! Go outside to the patio and enjoy your meal on the lunch area, after lunch we can do some small game on the gaming area with beanbag there. Not only that you can play piano with your friend. Not enough with the small game? Take a challenging go-kart race on the track above. There will be 6 go-karts that ready to be on competition. Audience can go to the tribune on the outer side.

There are some challenge that you need to dodge the banana peel on the race track! Hitting the banana peel can make you bounced back off the track, so be careful!

After the project, Bryan left me a good review for the satisfying experience, I’m so happy to got the review from Bryan and his team,

Make your presence on the virtual space

See how attractive this space to be your virtual office space. While doing remote work and far from work, you can still make good engagement with your team by having attractive virtual working space.

If you are interested to test the space demo that similar with the one that LSD have, you can access it here :
Gather Town Exhibition Office Demo by With Julio

And if you are interested to do the work with me, feel free to come to my Fiverr account here :
Julio’s Fiverr Account

See you next time on the next Gather Town Space Creation Service Study Case. I hope in the next time your space will be here as my study case partner. Cao!

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