Pokemon-style Gather Town Space

Not long ago, I got a client that love Pokemon so much. He want to held an event on Gather Town but he wanted to make it looks like he is on Pokemon world. I was not sure at first, whether I could make it or not. But in the name of learning, I take the challenge first and learn how to do it later LOL. After a couple hour looking for reference, finally I finished the space, and here you are, Pokemon-style Gather Town Space. What’s in that space?

This space is super-inspired by one artist on DeviantArt, Kyle-Dove. Please take a look! He draw so much Pokemon-design reference art. The tileset was super-inspired by one of his art. Honestly, I dont know that the space like this exist on Pokemon world. But I think I used the design-approach of inside the house in Pokemon.

This space is just a small space, with 6 main rooms: Bedrooms, Main Room, Living Room, Gaming Rooms, and Garage. From this space, the one that I love most is the color. Its soft, pastel, and have a nice color blend — its based on my point of view. I love how the cream color can blend well with red and blue pastel. With a small touch of green and yellow in some part.

Maybe if we can add some Pokemon character there, and put an arcade game object that refer to playing Pokemon game with emulator, it will be super nice — I will work with it soon, I think its a nice idea! If you also interested on how to make arcade game that linked to emulator for retro game, even PS1, I also make the article here.

Its my first experience on designing theme-space like this. Thanks to Kyle that give the reference, without him I think this project will need a longer time to finish. If you want to check the space by yourself, I already make a demo space that you can access here.

If you are interesting on making a space like this for your corporate or team, just left a comment or send a message via Contact Page and I will be happy to answer if I can. See you next time in the next article! Sampai jumpa lagi!

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