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Hi there, we meet again! It’s a long time since the last article. I barely have time to write some articles lately, been busy doing projects and trying something new. But I hope next time I could write some regularly. I’m highly motivated to write this article because I just got a review from one of my client in my Fiverr, and I look back to all the reviews there. I got a solid 5-star reviews in my Fiverr in all aspects. There are 3 aspects there, Communication with Seller, Service as Described, and Buy Again or Recommend. I saw the testimonials and all the clients was satisfied with the services. By looking at all that reviews, I conclude that for me, there are at least 3 reasons why this reviews & testimonials matters for me. I will share it in this article, so check it out!

The Reviews

If you never going to my Fiverr account, you won’t see any of these reviews. They are not hanging around internet, just on my Fiverr account. Here you can see it all, I made it as a carousel.


The reviews and testimonials above are parts of all the reviews. Not including all the clients who didn’t share the testimonials as a star review, and not including all the clients outside Fiverr. But by looking at the reviews and testimonials above, you can see that I was taking care to my service and quality carefully.

Enough with the fact, now we could go to the reasons that I promised before. I make it to be 3 reasons, sustainable trust, keeping up my sanity, and self-actualization. All this reasons have the same interest level, but in different point of view.

Sustainable Trust – The First Reason

We could agree that having reviews and testimonials could bring a good trust for your future clients. That’s why reviews and testimonials are precious and important, especially in this digital era, when most of the time we didn’t met the client to do the transaction. Fun fact, I never meet all of my clients in person. Even some clients that are from Indonesia, I never met them in person. Sometimes I don’t even know how their face looks like. Now you see in my point of view why having reviews and testimonials from my previous clients is more than just important. How they could trust me without even knowing me except knowing that my clients are happy to work with me. So this is the first reason.

Keeping Up My Sanity – The Unseen Reason

Why I say that this second reason is an unseen reason? Because we barely get this answer when we ask someone why reviews and testimonials are important for you. We always find a reason but that reason literally for other else, not for us. For me, keeping up my sanity is a good answer that I never thought before. Doing business is hard, keeping up in the competition is harder, that’s why something like keep the sanity is a simple yet powerful reason. We know that persistence always come from the inside. But with the little help from others, we keep the light brighter. When you feel lose, just go back to the reviews and testimonials that your clients ever gave, and see how it could turn the table.

Self-Actualization – The Top Reason

Self-actualization is as important as the other one. For a freelancer and a business owner, self-actualization could be a top 5 priorities of life. We got a recognition that we are good at our working field, and it resonate with the way we think we are. Sometimes the money could go after the sense of we are giving the best service to our client. I always feel relieved, glad, and proud of myself if I could get two thumbs from my client. I would do something that I know it might takes a little more time and it should be paid for free just to make my client happy. That’s a different level of happiness.

So that are all the reasons why reviews and testimonials matters for me. If you feel the same, please leave a comment so I could know what you feel. And if you have another reason that I might not see it, please inform me! I would be happy to hear it. See you next time in the next articleSampai jumpa lagi!

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