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Zep.us New Premium Plan Guide

After being totally free for a long time, now Zep.us launch a new premium plan guide for their platform. I got this information lately. All information came in Korean, but having a simple translator could work. Here I will share the information to you through this post :

[Edited] They just post the new plan for the international users. Go to the bottom to see the edited version.

Hello. Metaverse for everyone, ZEP.
We sincerely thank all users who use ZEP.
[New Premium Plan Notice]
We will inform you about the new premium plan of the newly applied ZEP service.
ZEP will introduce a new monthly subscription plan starting in July.
Until now, ZEP has provided free space creation function and premium space service.
In the future, we plan to apply a new rate plan by space unit according to the maximum concurrent access section.

Zep.us premium plan guide pricing

Target: Customers who apply for a new premium plan
Effective date: July 21, 2023
Customers who are currently using the premium space service must maintain their current plan until the contract period expires.
After the contract period ends, you must register for a new premium plan.
To commemorate the launch of the premium plan in the first week of July, an event where you can use the premium plan for life with up to 80% discount
We are planning to hold an “Early Bird Program” , so please give us a lot of interest.

International Version

They have the same effective date and early bird program as well.

In my opinion, these plan is still reasonable with all the possibility that Zep gives. If you are interested to using Zep and want to make some space for your office or event, you can see my portfolio here. See you again, Sampai jumpa lagi!

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