7 Free & Easy Things I Want to Learn if I am a Freelancer

Hello pals, I hope a great day today for you. Today is my special day because I started to make an article about 7 Ideas everyday. My goals is writing 7 ideas everyday for 365 days. This act is triggered by one book of James Altucher, Skip the Line. For my first step of this big journey, I will share about my thought of 7 Free & Easy Things I Want to Learn if I am a Freelancer. Enjoy!

1. Learn how to write

Although this day people is consuming more visual and audio-visual information (pictures & videos), but copywriting skills can’t be underestimated. When we see copywriting just be used for an article or blog, maybe we need to look at it with more eagle-scope.

I see writing as a core thing on many aspect. Let say on movies, we need a script, which is a copywriter things. Let say on sales pitch, we need an attractive proposal using powerful and emotional word, which is a copywriter things, and so on. Thats why I want to learn how to write as my first free things to learn as freelancer.

2. Learn how to design using Figma

I get used to design anything using CorelDraw before, before I found something called Figma. Actully Figma is a interface design tools for prototyping. I firstly use this tool for designing a wireframe for website things, but after exploring I found so many potential from this tool. Beside of this tool is website-based, there are so many plugin and community library we can installed on.

We can design a poster, a website interface, even backdrop, and many things. We also can collaborate with our client, so the client dont need to installed any software, just share the link and everything can be monitored live. I see so much things that I still not know as the features of Figma and this things is totally free in basic uses, so I will put this thing as a second thing I want to learn.

3. Learn how to make a website using WordPress

Making website still be an advance things to learn for common people. Common people see this thing as a hard thing to learn. So they want to pay more money for someone to make them some website. But in reality, making website is not that hard. No need to understand about complicated code for just a basic website.

We could build one by using WordPress with a custom domain. Although the competition is red on website building agency, but as a freelancer I think this skill can be an added value for the client. So we can stand out from the competition between others.

7 free & easy things I want to learn if I am a Freelancer

4. Learn how to grab & edit a catchy photo using Mobile Phone

I still trapped on a thought that we need an expensive camera to make a catchy and attractive photo before. But after I spoke with many experienced photographer, they said that we dont need that to start photographic things. We could start with a mobile phone and start learning how to editing properly.

Even average photo could be a stunning photo when we know how to edit that on post-production. Because I think this skill will be needed, and using only mobile phone means little investment, I will put this thing as a fourth thing that I want to learn.

5. Learn how to make a video explanation using Mobile Phone

Making video explanation online still by a mystery for me. I still don’t know how to make a proper video explanation by only using a mobile phone. But I know that some content creator on Instagram or Tiktok are making their video content only by using a camera phone. And one day I spoke with one of my friend, a movie-maker, he could make a astonishing short-video by only using an iPhone. What a relief ! So by that fact, I will put this thing as my fifth.

6. Learn how to make a podcast using Mobile Phone

Podcasting is quite popular these day. We could learn about a new things by audio-media about someone discussing something with other on in monologue. In a same discussion with my movie-maker friend, they get used to take the audio for his movie by using an iPhone only. So by the same logic, I could make a good podcast by using a mobile phone and learn about some audio editing software, without the need to use some expensive equipment.

7. Learn how to get client from Fiverr

Freelancer with a lot of skill, can’t be counted as a Freelancer without a client. I think we need some skill on how to get more client as a basic skill too. When we sell a product, maybe we need to learn about how to get customer from marketplace, so when we sell a service, we need to understanding the service-based marketplace too.

Fiverr or other marketplace is quite famous as a big marketplace for service, and understanding how to get client here can’t be left as a main thing that I want to learn.

So that’s all the 7 Free & Easy Things I Want to Learn if I am a Freelancer from me Julio. I hope the journey of writing 7 ideas everyday for 365 days will be achieved. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion, or some recommendation of what kind of ideas that you want me to write. See you later on tommorow, sampai jumpa lagi! (1/365)

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