7 Free Activity Ideas When I Need to Switch from Offline Store to Online Store.

7 Free Activity Ideas When I Need to Switch from Offline Store to Online Store

Hello pals, how’s day? I hope you all a great day! Continuing the previous article, today I will make another 7 ideas to share. This one is about business, and still related when we are a business owner. Before futher ado, let me share my thought about 7 Free Activity Ideas When I Need to Switch from Offline Store to Online Store. Enjoy!

1. Making my Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a great tools to digitalizing a local store. The first reason is it totally free. The second one is you get a highest listing on search engine, again, for FREE! GMB encouraging more local business to increase their basic online presence between 100 miles radius among our location.

Me personally, getting a big awareness from my prospective customer per month by having GMB. What do I do? I just posting my products, my events, my promotion, and something new about my business. Everyday? Nope. Maybe just about 3 to 4 times a week. Trust me its a powerfull online tools for business nowadays.

2. Making my virtual space-store

Are you landing your prospective customer using chatting apps? Or maybe just using a stiff catalogue? I think you need a new one! How about landing our potential customer on some virtual spare-store? The same term that we welcomed our customer on our offline store, but right now using some virtual one.

We could use some platform like Gather. We could conduct some event or exhibition with some 2D environment. More than that, we could do some conference there the same like using Zoom, but in different experience. We could make our own avatar, placing some of our product, do some conversation with customer, and many more that you could think! I think its a new era of virtual space.

3. Building website for customer-trust

Do you think only big company that have a website as their online tools? With all the conveniences nowadays, I think even small business can build their own website. Even the free one, or the paid one. Building our own website for our online store are giving a big trust for our customer. They think that we are completely dedicated to build the business, so they could trust us.

Trust have been a big issue when we ask about online transaction. And to deliver a trust awareness from our business, website can be a good tool to boost that issue!

4. Doing e-mail marketing and stuff

Not every business can do their e-mail marketing. Sometimes they think e-mail marketing is too expensive. But actually for a small scale, it can be totally free. Using some e-mail marketing platform like MailerLite. You dont need to pay any single penny when you have only under 1000 subscribers.

By using e-mail marketing, we can get in touch with our customer, and get a personal feedback and dedicated database. We can be standout from the competition when we are selective for giving value in our e-mail marketing rather than just sending valueless promotion.

5. Making video and online course

Making video and online course can be a side income for our business. We can share our experience and knowledge within our business scope, or sometimes we can do a collaboration with other complementary business. When we have much experience when building our offline store, we could share that through online course for someone that starting to build a same kind of business. Teaching and be the expertise of some field sometimes can give us a big oppotunity to scale-up our business.

6. Starting affiliate marketing for complementary products

Aside of online course, affliate marketing is also a kind of things that can be a side potential income. With a greatness of internet, we can easily get any product online. We can make a bundling product for some complementary product from other vendor, and take some margin on that. We dont need to produce the product by ourself, but we can sell and make a margin because of we have a same customer segment. Killing two birds with one stone!

7. Making community online

Last but not least, we need to make a community online. In this digital era, we can’t push customer to be a loyal customer. Because they have a ton of option for just a one single kind of product. But we can make a loyal community. Instead of just trying to sell something, try to communicate and sharing value for the community, and the community will be loyal and supporting your brand everywhere they go. By using many platform like Facebook or Telegram, we could make an online community basis with the same interest. Thats been proven by many big company, so that will be great too for a local company.

So thats all mu thought about 7 Free Activity Ideas When I Need to Switch from Offline Store to Online Store. Its never too late to start something, just do it and try to be better everyday. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion, or some recommendation of what kind of ideas that you want me to write. See you later on tommorow, sampai jumpa lagi! (2/365)

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