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(15/365) If not now, then when?

Read about this question, I remember about one word called procastinating. For your information, I start to write about an answer from a question everyday from the beginning of 2022. I use the question from an article about ‘365 Table Topic Questions’. Table topic identical with on of Toastmaster International methods for every of their daily meeting. I always want to write everyday from 2018, but it never actually happen until 2022. One-time I said that I can do it tommorow. It was 2018. And until 2021 I actually doing nothing about that. I always hit a snooze button until I realize that my alarm was useless. But right now I say, If not now, then when?

We always looking for justification about anything we procastinate about. Too busy, too much distraction, dont have the resources, anything. Its all an excuse! In fact we have so much time to do anything we want. The challenge is how we prioritize each of all. If we think “Just do it!”, trust me everything will be different.

Start from this year, I try to make it as my basic principle to do everything I want to achive. Do it first, learn afterward, repeat until you make it. The key is consistency and strong will. I hope we all can achieve our hope and goal this year. Start it now, not then.

Julio (15/365)


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