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(28/365) What makes you smile?

There is still a lot things that can make you smile in this world. Even many people said this world is the cruel world, but I believe there still many things that makes us smile. For me, its always happen in the moment that we never expect. the first one is togetherness. When I get together with my friends for something, and I feel the warm vibes that we care to each others, we help each other, it will makes me smile. I love the situation that we gather together with the same purpose and celebrate it together.

The second one is looking people helping others. Sometimes the one that helping others is not having to much too share, but they have enough. When I see people that only have 1 cake and see somebody hungry. Then they give half of it to the hungry one, its always makes me smile. Thats what make us alive as human. The spirit to help each other even in inability.

The last one is when I feel a spirit of progression. I always proud to myself when I feel I do much progress than yesterday. I can see my ability of doing something and hope a better future for me. Thats always make me smile personally.

For you, what kind of things that always make you smile?

Julio (28/365)


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