said more than done

(29/365) When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

Ideally, we need to said based on what we have done. When you give a speech about something on stage, its better to said based on you have done. Said more than you’ve done sometimes is on the edge of the abyss. Ethicaly, you shall not speak about how to manage business when you dont have any business to manage. I never speak in front of many people about something that I never experience. I always try to speak about my experience. Eventhough I frequently give some spice to it by explaining about my point of view about something that I think will be happen in the future. But I will give a disclaimer first, that its just on my own perspective.

We used to tempted to said something more than we’ve done. I think thats because we want to looks like someone in front of some audiences. I thinks its our bad habit as a human, want to be better than someone. I always reject when I ask to teach something that I never done before. At least I will only said in range of my discovery. When I dont understand about cryptocurrency, I never try to speak about it. When I need to, I want to have some time to learn it first, collecting discovery and jump to it before speak about it. We already fulled with society that act like know-it-all, but actually its totally bullshit and lead to a wrong information. At least we start from ourself to try to learn it first and done it before do it.

So will I said more than I done? Big No! Learn it first, discovery first, then speak later.

Julio (29/365)


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