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Enjoy the Sunset on Beach Coast Office on the Gather Town

Do you ever think of having an office on the coast like on the picture above? Where you can enjoy the sunset everytime you going to back home. Having real office on the coast can be super costly, but having it virtually? Maybe not to expensive. Maybe thats what my client think when ordering a Gather Town virtual office to me. My client is Whale Sync team from US. They already using Gather Town as their virtual office for their remote employee, and they want to have a nice one right now. They usually using the template one from Gather, and ready to have some the custom one. So whats in this space? Check it out!

Outer Area

On the outer area of this beach coast office, you can find many things here. Basically the outer area is the artery as a bridging from one room to another. Here you will find 2 different single rooms, 2 meeting rooms, and social space to hangout and enjoying sunset on the upper side. Because the client want to have their space as many small island that connected by bridge, I made 1 island for each room. The biggest one is the central office and the boardroom.

Lobby to Welcoming Guest

Here in the lobby will be the first place that first timer landed. You can place an receptionist here to welcoming the guest and help to guide them to the place they belong to. But if the guest just want to ask informally, you can do the meeting in the lobby directly. Here you can place some GuestBook for the guest to fill. You can make a cool guestbook using a platform called Padlet, I will make an article about this platform in the future. If you go straight to the upper part of the lobby, you will directed into Central Office.

Central Office

In the central office, you will find many small personal desk and a big meeting desk for the team. Actually in the locker, you can embed some general document there so the team can access it easily. It can fit for 8 personal desk and meeting desk for 10 people. In the middle you can find a single desk maybe for the administration or secretary. Going to the upper side, you will come to the Boardroom where the formal things happen.

Boardroom for Formal Use

We set up the boardroom more formal and elegant than the other room. There are coffe desk for coffe break in the left and right side, and kitchen in the right side. You will find this room is more like a whale because the client name is Whale and they want to make the things in their space is having some whale-theme.

So that all about the beach coast office on Gather Town as virtual office. You can see more of my article about Gather Town here. If you want to access the demo space of this beach coast office maybe to show to your colleague, you can access it by clicking the button here.

If you still have any question related to this, just left a comment and I will be happy to answer if I can. See you next time in the next article! Sampai jumpa lagi!

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