Blessing in Disguise – When Bad Luck Hides Something Good

Blessing in disguise with julio

REFLECTION — “Blessing in Disguise” isn’t a term that I frequently hear every day. But recently, when I watched a video of an Indonesian gaming streamer, he said about this term. He faced failure and restarted the game far away from the last time he played. But after that, he realized that he left something important behind right after the restart point. So he said it was a blessing in disguise to be restarted at that time.

When I close my packaging business, I feel like I’m losing control. I need to make a decision right now and that decision must be held accountable for the next year. Closing it seems like the best option I had. I feel like I need to restart what I already built over the past 3 years. I felt like that gaming streamer at first. Full of disappointment, full of sadness.

But right now, 1.5 years after that accident, I feel like that “blessing in disguise” really happened. My new business is way better than the last one. It gives me more revenue while giving me more free time. I’m thinking what if I keep stubborn about not closing my previous business? Perhaps my life will be harder. Perhaps my life will be easier. Nobody knows. But the one thing that I know exactly is I choose to close it and my life is easier than 1.5 years before. I feel blessed, and no single regrets. I learn something new that I never learned before. And I believe not everyone can have the same experience as me. It’s unique and it’s worth being grateful for.

So dear my friend, every time you face failure, remember that there is always a lesson behind adversity. There is always a blessing in disguise. You just need to recover and dig deep into the lesson to look for something worth being grateful for. When you think about using this point of view, there will always be a positive vibe around you. And you will always be ready to face anything in front of you. Be strong and believe in “blessing in disguise”.

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