Adventure Time Fanart in the Gather Town

FEATURED WITH ISTIVANO — Hello! I’m Istivano. From the first time I drew assets in the Gather Town, I knew it would be fun. And it’s true! After participating in several projects with With Julio, I enjoy every moment of drawing landmarks, characters, buildings, as well as animals. However, the most enjoyable part of all was creating fanart of my favorite characters. In terms of cartoons, I have so many favorite characters. In this article I will show you three fanart characters from the series “Adventure Time” made by me Istivano. Besides its unique design, the characters in “Adventure Time” are challenging to draw because I have to determine the size, color, shadow, and highlights so that they fit into the Gather map.

Finn, the Human

First, I redraw Finn the Human. The interesting part when drawing Finn is his sword. As we know, Finn’s sword has a unique characteristic of a serrated crack on the blade. Giving detail to the sword is a kind of joy. Oh, yes, I also loved drawing Finn’s eyes. The shape of the eyes is indeed different from Gather’s style, but I think the “Adventure Time” cartoon characteristics are still visible.

adventure time finn fanart istivano

Jake, the Dog

Second, I redraw Jake the Dog. Jake can change the shape of his body. It can be long, short, big, small, even transform to the most absurd shape. However, in this fanart, I drew the simplest form of Jake–the standing Jake.

adventure time jake fanart istivano


Third, I redrew BMO. Of all the characters in “Adventure Time”, this is the character I like the most. Actually I drew BMO by modifying the existing “arcade cabinet” asset in the Gather Town. When I think about it, again and again, I find it funny to make BMOs out of scaled-down arcade machines. Could it be that BMO is really the son of a vending machine???

adventure time bmo fanart istivano

This is the #001 fanart collection of “Adventure Time” in the Gather Town that made by me, Istivano. These three characters from the cartoon series “Adventure Time” can be included in Gather map to bring the atmosphere of the fantastic Land of Ooo. I hope I can continue making fanart and sharing it with you. If you need this .png file for your Gather Town character, feel free to DM me on my instagram here. Or if you want to make some commission with me, please make a visit to my Ko-fi site here. Thank you.



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