Hi, I'm Kelvinsius Julio!

kelvinsius julio - with julio

Julio - Entrepreneur, Designer, Website Developer, and (soon to be) Game Developer.

Currently based in Indonesia, still testing the intersection between business, design, game, and education.

In this personal site, you will expect to find my personal blog about my research and thought; my portfolio on my design agency; and also my game project on my game studio.

Hi, I'm Kelvinsius Julio, call me Julio. I started my entrepreneurship journey in the middle of 2017, when I graduated from my bachelor degree. You might expect me from some Business major degree, but I'm not. I'm graduated from Chemical Engineering degree. I love mathematics, I love problem-solving, I love planning, that's why I love Chemical Engineering. But I choose not to be a Chemical Engineer, but a Businessman instead.

Exploring and learning about new things is my daily routine. Up and down on business in this many years was quite exciting and challenging at the same time. But that's how life supposed to be in my opinion.

Feel free to explore my personal site, if you find something interesting, please take a little time say hi and be connected. If you want to connected with me, you can connect with me through LinkedIn, or simply contact me. Thanks in advance! Terimakasih!

kelvinsius julio - with julio

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