Is it the Right Time to Make Annual Resolution?

annual resolution with julio

REFLECTION — The year of 2022 is over. It’s time to make a new annual resolution, while evaluating the last one. Is annual resolution only a culture? Or trends? You are not cool if you are not making any new annual resolution at all, aren’t you? For sure? Do you think so?

For me personally, it’s more than just a trend. If you do this just to make new social media stories, but do nothing about it, more or less I think you are just following trends. But if you keep it just for you, there is a big chance you make it for a better version of you.

I think making a new annual resolution at the end of the year is a good way to utilize the momentum. For the last year, I started to make a small resolution for me to do in 2021. Before that, I didn’t like to make any resolutions at all. Of course not all of my resolutions were achieved in the way I expected at the first state. But in some aspects, I successfully achieved more than what I thought before. I felt like I have more focus when I have some resolution or some target to be achieved.

Human Energy Like a Bow and Arrow

In my opinion, human energy to achieve something is more like a bow and arrow, at least for myself. You will work as an archer better with your bow and arrow when you have a target to be shot. You can shoot at a random target, but for what except wasting your arrow? We also have a limited number of arrows. When you only have 10 arrows, make sure you have no more than 10 targets at the first time. When you can shut down one of your targets, you might take back your arrow and use it for another target. As well as when you only have 10 energy, make sure you have no more than 10 objectives at the first time. When you successfully conquer one of your objectives, you may celebrate it and use your energy for another one.

Making your annual resolution is like making your annual target for you to shoot this year. I read some articles somewhere – I will cite the source later when I already found it – that humans naturally love to see a pattern for their life. When we see the morning rise, we know that it is the time to do the activity, and when the night comes we know that it is the time to rest. It’s in the middle of the noon, time to have lunch. When it’s a weekend, we know that it is the time to do some rest after a full week of work. It’s a new month, we know that it is the time to get paid. We love to see patterns. That’s why I mentioned before that the end of the year is a good momentum to do the annual resolution and evaluate the previous one.

The end of the year or the beginning of the new year is identical with reformation. We will have a good energy for change. So it’s a good time to start doing something new that you always wanted before. Let it snowball for the rest of the year. If you want to shape your body, start it right now. In the next couple months you will get used to it. If you want to open your first business, start it right now. Who knows next year your dream will come true.

So if you are not the type of person that usually makes an annual resolution, why don’t you give it a shot this time? Living like a water flow is good, but who knows that actually you are the same like me? Who has more energy if you know what your target is. Because it gives us a sense of control over ourselves, and keeps us in track of our lives. But still give some space to any surprise. Life is boring when there are no surprises at all. Life is terrifying when we don’t have any control over ourselves as well. So give it a shot! Start making your small annual resolution, and achieve everything you ever wanted. I will always hope for really good luck for you all.

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