Break Your Mental Block Now, It Might be Worth a Shot

REFLECTION — When we are speaking about the way of others’ success, we might be easily thinking about privilege. “How can this person be successful? I know it’s because of his parents. He got all the things from his parents.” “For 100% sure this person is being privileged by her family. Her uncle is a millionaire! Of course she could be so successful!

I need to declare that my definition of success is not just about money. You could be a moderate man that could keep your wife and child smiling everyday. He’s also a successful man for me. Many times, the gap between success and not yet success is only our mentality, our mindset. The way we are thinking will definitely affect our way of defining success. We keep talking about others’ privilege, but we lose track of our own privilege. All the hyper successful people, let say Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, we already know about some part of their privilege along their success journey from their family. But deep down when I’m thinking, it’s not my business! If they have privilege from their family, so what?! Nothing we can do. So it’s not worth our time to complain about it.

Actually I’ve decided to write about this because recently I heard a song from Lily Meola called Daydream. It’s a lovely song with a deep meaning for me. I dare you to hear it at least once. In this song, I found one line that stated, “We all got these big ideas, one day, they’re replaced with fears, How did we get here?” After I heard it, it reminded me of all my crazy ideas that I wanted to do, but never actually did because of fear. I fear I can’t do it. And also the same question came to my mind, how did I get here?

I remember that I already have a willingness to start my service business that sells worldwide in 2017. I remember it because when I see all my freelancing platform accounts, I make it around 2017. But it actually happened in 2021. Where am I from 2017 to 2021. I believe that I’m too afraid to start. It’s a mental block. It’s a mindset that says I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I don’t have enough privilege to do that.

2021 became my turning point when I first closed my business. I never closed my business before. After I closed my business, I think that nothing can be worse, why I’m not trying something new, it might be worth a shot. I might fail, but here right now I already failed (re: I believe that closing business actually does not always count as failure, it’s just a phase for any entrepreneurs) from my previous business, so I might win this time.

Guess what? Just many weeks after I reopened my account, and started focusing on it, I got my first international client. It’s like a daydream before, I didn’t realize that actually it’s not that hard. I kept my mental block for 4 years and after I got some momentum, I can start to break that block. I believe that for some people, this achievement isn’t something to be proud of. But for me, it’s a big leap, a big milestone!

Right now, I always try to change my perspective while facing some new things or new opportunities. I try to change from I think I can’t do it, to I will try it first, I might fail but I might win as well. If we are not doing it at all, our winning percentage is absolutely 0%. But if we try it first, it is certain that number will rise. I suggest you break your mental block. I know that you might have some dream that you are not doing yet because you fear you can’t do it. Like what Kelly Clarkson said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So either you win or you learn something.

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