celebrate the things you have

(13/365) Do you celebrate the things you have?

Speaking about celebrating the things you have, its more related if we call it grateful. I’m totaly grateful about what I already have and already achieve. Do I make a celebration about each achievement? Hmmm, I dont think so. But sometimes yes I celebrate it. Most of the time I celebrate it by buying some food to enjoy with my family. My favorite is using a food called “Terangbulan & Martabak” in Indonesia. Its a special food for me, I always enjoy eating those food. If you are curious about what is it, please google it by yourself LOL.

For me do a little celebration about some of our achievement is more like connecting our personal milestone. While doing some happy celebration, I think our body will release some of dopamine so we feel enjoy the moment. And because our body always looking for a dopamine moment, so we are tend to do more milestone like that. This kind of activity can be an internal motivation to do something better in the future. But keep in mind that you are not make a celebration too much. Too much dopamine can be a boomerang for us when in the next time we cant achieve that amount of dopamine. It can generate a demotivation feels along our journey. In my opinion, keep it small but progressive.

So, do I celebrate the things I have? The answer is yes sometimes. Not too much, but I make a simple celebration when I did some kind of achievement.

Julio (13/365)


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