nobody would judge you

(12/365) What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

From far before, I already try to not hanging my life on people judgement. I always try to think that nobody judge me. Judgement is different than suggestion. Different than recommendation. Judgement is more like, “all you do is totally nonsense! Get a better job!” But a suggestion is more like, “I think what you do is a little bit different for me, If you would mind, I suggest you to …” If you give a suggestion, there is no hard feeling if they dont accept our suggestion. But if we give a judgement, we will give a counter if they dont accept our statement.

For me, people judgement lead to nothing. In my opinion, we have no right to interfere into someone life, except they asking to. So I try to push myself not to interfere too much into someone business. Also I dont like to be interfered by anyone. So what would I do differently if I knew nobody would judge me, the answer is nothing! Nothing different.

I do my decision about myself unaffected by anyone. Even someone will judge me, I dont really care much. Except if my decision affect others’ life, I will take action based on my conscience. If you dont get used to judge others, nobody would judge you too.

Julio (12/365)


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