crying is a sign of weakness or strength

(11/365) Do you think crying is the sign of weakness or strength?

Honestly, I am kind of person that can’t be easily cried. How many times I cried during my entire life? I think it can be count just by hand fingers. But, although I rarely cry, I often get touch into something. Its a feeling when we want to cry but not crying. Just like feels some emotional outburst. Its frequently happen when I encounter something about human doing a really nice things, and when its about my spiritual things. But again, do I think crying is the sign of weakness or strength? My answer is it depend.

Depend? Depend on what? If you cry because of you feel like cant do anything and just try to looking for justification, I think its a little bit part of weakness. If we cry because we dont struggling enough and cant achieve what we want, I think its a weakness. But if we cry because of if we think we already struggling enough eventhough we still cant achieve it, I think its part of strength for the future. But again its depend. We can be so bold about why people crying. There must be many aspect that effect the reason we crying.

As I know scientist said that we release some chemical when we cry. I dont know exactly what chemical it released. But so far I know that if our body excessing or some chemical, they always try to secrete it out. So maybe crying is just a mechanism of our body, i dont know yet.

In my opinion, whether crying is a sign of weakness or strength, is not so important. Whats important is the ability to crying making us unique as human. Different than a robot or some animal. Because crying is the some way for some people expressing their feeling.

Julio (11/365)


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