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(10/365) What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

Speaking about capability, we always wanted to be a person that always do progressive things to be a better person. So basically every year, we must have something that make us better than last year. For me, if I do totally same thing over and over for a whole year, thats must be a super boring year. So what things you capable to do today than last year?

Start from 2018, I always wanted to sell my product abroad. More than just distribute that over Indonesia. For me, doing business abroad is totally cool! But over 2017-2021 my business is always related to making a physical product. There are many constrains that make it hard to do the business globally as a SME. I always think its hard, and I try to stop my intention to do business globally.

Then until I close my business in 2021, I need to start everything from beginning. I try to start practicing my English. I try to start looking for doing a services business. While doing services product, I think there is no constraint to make the business globaly. I started to make some freelancing account and PayPal account. After all set, I start to make my offer. On November 2021, I start my first client from United States. For me, its a big milestone. I never imagine before that right now I can do some deal with someone far far a way from my place, and start everything globally without the big boundary. I hope in the next time I could do everything better, and in the next year, I could set more big milestone to my life.

So if the question is what do you capable to do today than last year? My answer is I can start to bring my life globally and connected with more people more than just on Indonesia. Never discourage your hope, who knows it will be happen in the next year!

Julio (10/365)


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