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(9/365) What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

Having something to belief actually only applied to ourself. The world getting chaos because of every people try to force their belief to others. For me, I don’t really care do people agree or not with my belief. Also I never force my belief to others. Sometimes I just give my opinion about something, but back to theirs, whether they want to agree or not. Lately with social media, people can easily give their opinion and do online debating to a stranger. Hope they can agree with their belief. But for me its totally nonsense. No one can change people belief, except theirself. But if the question is do you have a belief that you hold even people disagree? The answer is, yes I have.

I have so much things that I belief, that when I tell it to others, others will disagree. But it will be hard to tell through a short-writing here. I have opinion about marriage, about parenting, about business, about education, about carreer, and many thing thats opposite with mainstream lane. But I just will keep that for my inner circle.

But speaking about holding belief, dont easily lose your belief to others. Also please dont easily force it to others. The world will become better if anyone can respect to others belief. Not just to respect that you have a belief, but also to respect to not to force your belief. Even if you think that others belief is not rational, not realistic. Its okay. I often to speak to myself when I see someone with ‘stupid belief’ (Ya I think its stupid but I never said that to the person that I think their belief is stupid). I’ll just keep it as my personal consumption, and hold myself not to open conflict with that. So the main message I want to tell is to keep rely on the belief you hold, and dont try to make people agree with the belief you hold.

Julio (9/365)


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