self love and what I do about it

(8/365) Who do you love and what are you doing about it?

When first I read about this question, what crossed in my mind was about self love. I have many other people that I love, but I think it would be nice if I just talk about self love. I read an article not long before about self love. The main things about self love are loving ourself, forgiving ourself, and treating ourself with compassion. So I will write about my definition of self love and what I do about it.

Actually I dont have too many deep experience about loving myself and treating myself with compassion. I think I do it just like a standart way. I dont know whats the standart though LOL. But I have my definition about forgiving ourself. For me, its more like about how we manage our failing. We face many failure everyday. No doubt. Nobody never encounter a single failure in their lifetime. Honestly, being fail is not a problem at all. Whats more important is how we manage about that. How we manage our mind when we face a failure. I think self love covers about this. We loving ourself when we manage our failure wisely.

When I come to a failure, if its a little failure, I dont take in mind seriously. I just put it into some of my ‘box’ called learning. But sometimes when I face a big failure (the ‘big’ maybe relative for every person), I felt down, for some period of time. I think thats happen because of my ‘box’ is not big enough for it. I need to cut it into a smaller portion. This cutting process is when I try to forgiving myself.

I’m not trying to forget it. I try to get use to it. I think the wisest way – in my version – to face it is to breakdown it into smaller cause and effect scenario, and put it into the learning box. Get rid of the dramatizing things, make laugh about it. So we feel way more safe and relieved. It takes time, but the more we exercise it, the more we get used to it.

Thats what my version of self love and what I do about it.

Julio (8/365)


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