do you ask enough questions

(7/365) Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

Questioning something is super-related to learning process. There are no learning without question. So do you ask enough questions ? Yes, I always ask enough question. Some people call me a generalist in the term of learning. Yes, I love to know many things, even just for 20-40% for each field. Rather than knowing only one field for 100%. Thats why when people ask ‘whats my specialization’, I can’t answer that clearly. I could only answer that by ‘what do you need ?’

I think I start learning many things when I graduated from college. In the first year I learn a lot about how to start a business, how to optimize social media, how to optimize marketplace. For the next year I learn a lot about how to manage production line, how to maintain operational things, how to do web-based marketing, how to make advertisement.

Then the third year I start to learn about how to make website, about what is gamification, about game-based learning. In the fourth year I learn about how to make virtual space, how to do copywriting, how to freelancing, how to draw pixel art. And now in my fifth year I try to learn about how to speak multi-language, what is metaverse, and how to do business globaly. Everytime I learn many new things.

When you see, my learning journey is full of how and what. And before I do the learning, I always start with why do i need to learn that. In my opinion, settling for what we already know is more like a closed-minded people. All thing change, and also for our knowledge must be. So for me, settling for my only knowledge is a big no. And when I asked do you ask enough questions, my answer is absolutely yes! How about you?

Julio (7/365)


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