what I wish I do 5 years ago

(6/365) What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

Speaking about past time, past always full of regrets. But more than that, past will always full of grateful. When we see from the regrets side, we will always think about what if I do this, what if I do that. When we see from the grateful side, why we dont ask any question? We just say thanks God I do this, thanks God I do that. If I ask about what do I wish I do 5 years ago, so I need to change my perspective into my regrets side.

Five years ago, I’m still an fresh graduate student. Still fresh from my degree as an Chemical Engineering. But at that time, I dont have much passion to work into chemical industries. I want to be an entrepreneur. At that time, I spend my whole time to study about business through many workshop and seminar. Try to get my business perspective, remembering that I dont have any business school before. But learning alone through a random business workshop and seminar was like try to find oasis in the middle of desert. I easily feeling lost, because of so much information I try to digest in the same time.

If I can back in time, I wish I searching for mentor first before learning deeper. Try to become apprentice first before plunging into the world of business and entrepreneurship. I think 1 year being an apprentice will give us a better understanding about how it works rather than just learn alone randomly. I know that right now, information are spread a lot on the internet. We can learn everything alone, even the college material. But I think having a mentor can be our keeper so we can focus to learn only what we need, not try to learn everything in the same time. I think thats what I wish I do 5 years ago.

Julio (6/365)


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