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(5/365) What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Speaking about life lesson, there must be so much lesson we face everyday, implicitly or explicitly. But until we know about what could it have impact on our life, that things cant be called a life lesson. When speaking about hard life lesson, I always refer to my business experience.

Being entrepreneur is like riding roller-coaster. We got the pressure to learn everything everyday in every kind of way. I got the hardest one when I need to close my packaging business. Actually it closed because I did many kind of miss-management. Regardless of the external problem that punch me straight in my face. If I need to explain it technically, I can explain it a lot. But right now I just want to tell about the moral lesson about that.

The moral lesson is dont be too stubborn, we need to have some range of tolerance to our idealism. Ya I’m kind of idealist person, I want it all to be perfect as I want. But when we speak about business, we cant too inclined to our idealism. Because in business, we work as a team. So we need to merge the idealism of many people. Thats the art of doing business.

The experience become so hard because I expect to much on this business. I invest a lot of money, mind, and time to this business. When it comes to the decision to close the business, it hurt me a lot. This business opened by idealism, by ambition, and also closed by idealism. What kind of irony LOL.

My opinion, please give a portion or realism about any of your decision. Keep on your ambition, because that what makes you feel alive. But keep being logical person and not just lean into your intuition. We need to collect as much data as we can before we hold tight into our decision.

Julio (5/365)


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