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(19/365) If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend?

Wow this question is quite long LOL! But its okay, we still can easily understand about the meaning, right? Speaking about friend, can’t be separated by the term of being in the same frequency. Do you ever have a friend that you feel somehow always have a topic to have conversation? For me, if I have an productive and enjoyful conversation with someone for more than 2 times, I will take an active to having friend deeper with this person.

Having productive and enjoyful conversation with someone means we are in the same space with them. We are in the same frequency. That situation often happen because we have the same ways to speak something. For me, its not a big problem on how long I would allow this person to be my friend. I prefer to considerate about how many times we have that kind of conversation. For a business thing, having a productive conversation in the first time we met is totaly normal. Entrepreneur always speak about goal, plan, and something they fight for. It will frequently be a productive conversation– although sometimes can be annoying rather than productive LOL. But what if the conversation can be elaborate for twice or thrice? I think its not just a ‘pitching conversation’, that kind of person deserve to be recognized more. But thats just my way to make a new friend. Friends are different with just acquaintances. Actually, I can accept as many acquaintances as I can, but I am being more selective for having a friend.

So thats my way to having friend, if I can get a productive and enjoyful conversation for more than twice, I think I will try to make friend with this person. No problem with how long the time range it happen.

Julio (19/365)


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