(18/365) Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

For me, lying is like an art. Its so hard hence not many people reliable to do that. Is it possible to lie without saying a word? Literally, of course! When you just use a sign language to do it, you do it without saying a single word. But for me whats more interested is what the intention behind lying.

For me, I lied since it still in my mind. When I intend to speak something opposite from the truth, I already lying, even when I didn’t say it. But in my life, I rarely do lying. I between being honest or being quite. If I dont do it, I dont say it. If I dont want to said the truth, I choose to not say anything. Because I believe that one lie always end with another kind of lying. When you want to cover one things, actually you need to cover everywhere in any dimentional side. More than just up down right and left. Moreover you need to cover it from many point of view. So I choose not to take that kind of responsibility to covering something.

We tend to lie because we are not ready to face up some consequence. For example, a businessman said that their business going well to their college friend, even if actually their business on paper is unhealthy. They lied because they are not ready for the consequence to be underestimated by their friend. If you are ready with your life, and just make laugh about what happen to your life, and try to be better, I think you dont need to lie about anything.

For me, its kind of irony that we lied because we are not ready about one consequence, but we actually bring another bad consequence in the future. My principal, its better to be honest or just shut up about it!

Julio (18/365)


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