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(17/365) What does your joy look like today?

Can you define joy as a things in your daily life? For me, its quite hard! Its more like a complex feeling with much seasoning on it. But if I need to define it as another adjective, I choose freedom and grateful. So what does my joy look like today?

My joy is a product. For me its not a process, its a product that can be use for another raw material for another process. When I feel grateful, I always feel joy in it. And when I feel I have a freedom, I will feel grateful. Today I feel grateful that I have freedom to manage my own schedule, manage my own time to work. I can comfortably arrage my need for my family, my friend, and my work. When I feel it, I feel grateful today. This freedom is not owned by every person. But I can feel this freedom everyday.

But more than just enjoying the moment of achievement, I feel more grateful when I can help others. Being helpful and useful for others, and see their smile, it give a pure joy. Human is a social being, so if you cant find happiness on your personal achievement, try to find your happiness through helping others. For me its always works, and thats how my joy look like today, by helping more people today.

Julio (17/365)


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