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(21/365) If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Honestly, I still not worthy enough to be a teacher. Eventhough, I love to speak and share about what I know to others. Sharing my knowledge is my part of learning. Having the capability to reshare the knowledge using my own language means I already have a proper understanding about that. But if I had a time to teach something, what would I teach? I will choose to teach how to self learn.

Self learning already be my part of learning methods everyday. I was think that every people doing this, but I realize its not. Thats because we all have a different way to learn something. But the one that proven works for me is self-learning. I’m not into hearing my lecturer speaking and receiving 100% of what they said. But I love to hear someone share their ideas. Because somehow when I heard about an interesting ideas, I will write it and make another ideas branch about that. I think doing self learning is so important, because sometimes live is not just like a school or college. Sometimes we dont have anyone to teach us, dont have anyone to lead us, and we feel like walking alone in the middle of a silent forest. When thats happen, we need to react by having the ability to do self learning.

One time, my partner tell me about one platform called Gather Town, and ask me to get information about this platform. Five months later I got nomination on Gather Town mapmaking contest. Six months later I’m in the middle of onboarding process to be a Gather Partners Program for Indonesia. And for doing this, I only have feedback from my circle, youtube tutorial, and many article to help me through this. I dont have a dedicated teacher because this platfrom is totaly new from 2020. If I force to getting a teacher before get into it, I will get stuck and move nowhere.

The main part of self learning is knowing the learning path into your destination. When you already know your destination, you will see about what you need to learn as main quest and side quest. And when you already know this, let your curiousity do their best and let see where you can be.

I think that what I want to teach if I had to, teach how to self learn.

Julio (21/365)


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