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(22/365) What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

Regrets always come as an output of some process. Thats why we can’t see someone who regrets first then doing the process that makes that regrets later. We comes to a regrets when we see a better expectation in the future. When we are not increasing our expectation bar, I thing we will not face any regrets.

For example, you did some exam today, you already studied with your best capacity yesterday. Short story you got B+ for that exam. You thanks for that, until someday you found a better way to do the exam and can give you assurance to get A. So you regrets that you are not knowing that methods earlier. So I think there are nothing that we need to regrets not doing it, it just a way for us as a human to be better everyday. Regrets just an what if scenario about our past, who knows it will be better? What if its the opposite?

Back to the question, what would I regrets not doing it fully in the past? My answer is doing networking. Its different with just doing a multi-level marketing things. Its a thing to make more acquaintance before dive down to work-life. My elementary until my high school was full of studying. Study everday. So I dont take any extracurricular, organization, or anything related with others. So if you ask me do you have many friend from your school? I will answer, not many, can by counted by your hand-fingers. I just focus on the content of schooling, not having any context on why do I need to do this. What if I start doing networking more in my school era, maybe it will be different today. But again regrets not doing it is just an what if scenario.

The good news is our regrets can be an input for our future activity. I know that I can back in time to my school time, but I can bring my regrets to be better in the future. If I know that I dont have many friend in the past, I need to make more friend in the future. Getting back into alumni association is always wide open. Joining new organization, community, and many more can be the way. If there are an what if scenario for the past, there will be also more what if scenario for the future. So dont get down into your regret. Bring your regret up along your better journey, as a reminder to not doing the same mistake.

Julio (22/365)


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