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(3/365) What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

Making sense. Human tend to carve their meaning. We always try to understand everything. Eventhough we know that we can understand everything. But we always try to making sense. Forcing everything to be under our mind control, under our understanding. Until we put a bad mark into someone we think are unreasonable. We try to look for the most sensible things in our boundaries.

I have read some book called Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. He said the that work-life balance is a myth. At first, I still have doubt about that. But slowly, its kinda make sense. When I looking into myself, I think I dont have that work-life balance. I’m an entrepreneur, I’m managing my business, looking for many new opportunity, and trying to make content. With that life, my work become around my life. I dont have any fixed working hours. Someday I can work in the midnight, someday I can work early in the morning ’till drop.

I always put my personal life inside my working schedule. Putting saturday and sunday as holiday isn’t my type. Working while going vacation, its okay. Taking holiday when I have free schedule on weekdays, no problem. Thats why what Ferrazzi said feel so make sense for me. Even though you might be not agree with my opinion. But I think many people will found it related to their life. Its not the most sensible things I heard from others, but its sensible enough to be related for me.

Julio (3/365)


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