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(2/365) Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

As a human being, become comparative is natural. As I was read from some book, human is get used to life on a tribe, and always getting some way to climb their tribe hierarchy. When I still used and opened instagram, I see people’s achievement everyday. Fake or truth, they share it that way. Somehow when I see my friend achievement that better than me, I saw my a little comparative-side of me. Although I feel proud with my friend’s achievement, but I feel a little bit jealous.

Jealousy somehow can be our engine to motivate us, but I think in the same time, somehow it can be corrosive to our mind. So to keep being on my track, I choose to stop scrolling into my instagram.

After I stop it, sometimes I feel a little anxiety. Why? Because I start to comparing myself with my future self, with myself that I really want to be in the future, to be my dream-self. Sometimes it give me a big pressure. Pressuring in the middle of positive and negative way. I think, when I still using instagram before, I can feel grateful for something there. But do I want to back for using instagram to come back comparing my achievement with others? I dont think so. I just use my instagram to communicate with people around my working-life.

So back to the question, who do you sometimes compare yourself to? My answer is, right now I sometimes compare my position today with my future-self, with my dream about what I want to be. But my hope right now, I hope I can pick many grateful things that I already have in this position. Rather than just keep giving negative-pressure on compare yourself with others.

Julio (2/365)


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