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(25/365) When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?

Eventhough I classified myself as a risk-taker, doesnt mean I’m not calculating the risk of what I’m doing. I think its natural for every person to calculate the risk and reward for doing something. Eventhough its just as a flash-lighting, we always think about it. I never heard anyone said that stop calculating risk. Everyone always said that we need to calculate every risk that will be happen to manage the consequences well.

I think the proper ways is not stop calculating risk and reward, but not calculating it too much. For me personally, I’m not calculate the risk and reward too much when its related to humanity and what I passionate about. When I come to this 2 aspects, my rational brain is little bit biased. As long as I think its right and not harmful for others, I will do it whatever it takes.

For me as a risk-taker, sometimes do calculation too much can end to not doing anything. And regrets always be the end. For me, as long as it right and not harmful, its worth trying for. But we need to always ready with what-if-scenario if the worst case happen. So when is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards too much? For me, everytime as long as we ready with any scenario that will be happen.

Julio (25/365)


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