Don’t Burn All Your Fuels by being Burnout

Burnout - with Julio

REFLECTION — I love working. Not literally working hard, but I love the way I found a new thing when I work. I like the sense when I achieve something, even if it’s a small thing. Because of that, when someone asks about what’s my hobby, I will answer with I love working. In my leisure time, I love to spend it by working for my side hustle. But not after the first time I feel demotivated. I lost the excitement for doing something that I liked before. I feel like the best thing that I want to do at that time is just lying around my bed and doing nothing. When I was searching on the internet, I found a new word called Burnout.

Working hard is admirable, but trust me working until burnout is not. I know that nowadays, you can open your Instagram or Facebook, and you will find some of your friends posting their achievements. It’s easy to get triggered, and then saying why I’m not working that hard to achieve the things my friend can do. Then you will work so hard until your mind is senseless. You chase nothing but others’ achievements. You burn out all of your fuel, forget to refuel in the last station. Until you need to stop forcefully, in the middle of nowhere.

We need to portray life as a long journey. We have our own vehicle, with its own fuel. Either you walk, ride a bicycle, or ride a car, you will need fuel. Of course for any vehicle that needs fuel, you need to refuel, and find the next station to refuel. It’s not a wise way to burn all of our fuel in a single run. It’s okay to find someone passing by when you refuel in that station, who knows if they are already refueling their vehicle in the last station.

We should know our own dashboard when doing a journey. When we run out of fuel, and need to find a rest area to refill our fuel. Avoiding burnout is crucial to keep our senses, balancing our personal and professional life. Working hard is cool, but what’s the point when you just get lost in the middle of nowhere because of burnout. Count it as reflection.

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