The Easiest Way to Learn New Things : Embracing New Environment

Embrace new environment - with Julio

EXPERIENCE — Anyone loves a comfort zone. We work hard to get our comfort in the future. But in terms of learning, sometimes a comfort zone isn’t a good way to learn new things. Learning is a lifelong journey that keeps us curious, engaged and growing. However, when we touch our comfort zone, we find ourselves stuck in a rut, feeling uninspired and unable to absorb new information. If we are in this situation, it might be a good time to try a new approach to learning by embracing a new environment.

I have an experience about embracing a new environment. Lately I figured out that the place that I use to work is giving influence to how I work on that day. I love to work from anywhere, I don’t have a static office. So for working everyday, I choose a cafe to be my office. I have around 3 regular places that I will visit for my daily work every week, let’s say cafe A, cafe B, and cafe C.

Unwittingly, every place has a different impact on how productive I am on that day. When I’m going to cafe A, I will do daily/regular work effectively. When I’m going to cafe B, I will do work that involves researching effectively. And when I’m going to cafe C, I will do work that involves communication with others effectively. When I decide that I will do research work today but I go to cafe C instead, it won’t work well. And unexpectedly, when I need to learn about new things, it will go well if I go to another cafe from my 3 regular cafes. I always make an experiment with this thought and it’s always proven for me.

Latest experiment, I want to put body exercising on my daily routine. I have never done it at home before. It’s always been my resolution for around 3 years. After I tried to move out of town, leaving my home, I started to do it everyday until today. It works perfectly, at least for me.

I did some research about why this happened. I found that it’s related to our brain. Our brain is wired to adapt to new environments and learn from them. When we expose ourselves to new experiences, our brain is forced to process and retain new information, which can help improve our memory and cognitive abilities. Additionally, being in a new environment can also bring new perspectives, challenges, and opportunities that can help us learn in ways we never thought possible.

I could say that embracing ourselves to a new environment is the easiest way to learn about new things. Don’t expect to learn new things when you always face the same things everyday. For me, it’s as easy as being in a new place. Sometimes it costs nothing, sometimes it costs some, but the outcome is always worth it. It’s worth a try for you, who are seeking new ways to learn new things. Do you have the same experience as me?

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