How to Add Console Game on Your Gather Town Space

How to add Retro Console Game into Your Gather Town Space in 3 Easy Steps

Playing Playstation had been part of my life when I was child. Especially Playstation 1 or PSX. I got my first PS on my 8th or 9th birthday from my dad. I remember that I always waiting for saturday because on that time, I could only play my PS on saturday. So saturday always be my favorite day within a week LOL. When now in my work-life, I’m not into playing PS again. My PS was broken, I dont have any console and I dont like mobile game. Until one time I work in my Gather Town space, and get curious about the arcade game object. Gather already give some game, and the only one that in the arcade game shape object is Tetris. I try to looking for on how to add retro console game into my Gather Town Space. And finally I got the way that works!

Me personally, love to play RPG game. I’m very excited when I find the way to add this retro game into my Gather Town space. And right now I will try to explain how to do it to you in 3 easy step. So keep going!

Find The Game on the Emulator Platform

First thing first, you need to find the game on the platform. There are many provider that can be use, I use a platform called There are many game you can choose from many different kind of console. From Atari to Playstation 1.

There are thousand of games you can choose here. I suggest you to find the game’s name first on google, then search it on the search box. Rather than looking one by one on the categories, it will save a lot of time. Please keep in mind that if the game is not available in this platform, I think we cant embed it into our Gather Town Space. The side solution is find it on the other platform, but it will be outside from what I explain here.

The one thing that I love from this platform is we dont need to download any emulator and ROM to play the game. We can play the game directly from the browser. So far, I dont find it so laggy or something that bad for RPG game, but for action game, sometimes in some game its a little slow responds. We dont need any computer storage to play the game, just load the game, and play. But we need internet connection to access the website. We can save our progress directly on the platform account (need to make account first), or we can download the save state and load it later from the computer.

I also try to play the game via mobile phone, and it works. We can see a controller screen below the game screen. It works well, but for me its hard to play console game by tapping on the screen. But yes, you can still play it through mobile phone.

Embed the Game Source Code

After you find the game and test it, scroll and you will find an iFrame embeddable source code. We will embed this code into our own website. I embed this code to my website to give a better interface, so the player can’t somehow accidentally click on somewhere and lose their progress. You can check the one that I embed on my website here. I also give some instruction in the upper side so the first-timer isn’t confuse on how to play the game. However, you can embed the retrogames link address directly to Gather and skip this step. Keep in mind that the source code on retrogames is an iFrame code, so you can’t embed this code in Gather directly, but you can embed the .html link in the link address directly to Gather.

Link it to Your Gather Town Object

After you embed the source code into your website to customize the interface, you can embed your link into the Gather object. Choose the arcade object, then choose embeddable website one. Paste the link there, and place the object anywhere you want. Save, and check. When you set your page on public, it will be accessible well. And walaa! Your retro console game is ready to play directly on your Gather Town Space! Show it to your co-worker who love to play retro games and surprise them!

The one thing that I still didnt figure out from this platform is how to play this console game multiplayer online. Because the setting is only use for playing multiplayer from one device. So when we want to play Street Fighter, we can only play with our friend through the same device and can’t play it online — But yeah that was how we play this retro game at that time, right? Eventhough, we still can play together by sharing save state by sending our save file to our friend for RPG or Adventure game. But if you find how to play this retro game multiplayer online, please share with me how. I would be happy for that!

So thats how to add retro console game into your Gather Town space. I hope it can be a new knowledge for you, happy to share this. I have more articles about Gather Town, you can check it here. If you still have any question related to this, just left a comment and I will be happy to answer if I can. See you next time in the next article! Sampai jumpa lagi!

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